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Children’s Tumor Foundation announces the launch of NF2 trial

NF Patients United congratulates Children’s Tumor Foundation and their partners on announcing the INTUITT-NF2 trial which is a particularly important landmark in the field of Neurofibromatosis type 2.

On 8 May 2020, Children’s Tumor Foundation (CTF) announced the launch of a new platform clinical trial INTUITT-NF2 that will allow bringing brigatinib to patients with neurofibromatosis type 2 after years of research. In particular, multiple experimental therapies will be simultaneously tested in patients with associated progressive tumors of vestibular schwannomas, non-vestibular schwannomas, meningiomas, and ependymomas. It is expected that this innovative platform trial will allow for the simultaneous study of the various tumor types in order to maximize response opportunities to specific drugs within the same trial.

Dr. Scott Plotkin (Massachusetts General Hospital) and Dr. Jaishri Blakely (Johns Hopkins University), both internationally recognized experts, are the leaders of the trial. Takeda and CTF are the collaborators of the project. More information on the procedural details of the trial can be found here.

This initiative is a result of the implementation of CTF’s Synodos for NF2 research collaborative, its NF2 Accelerator Initiative, supported by such companies and institutions as Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences at the National Institutes of Health, and the Synodos NF2 leadership from Massachusetts General Hospital, Johns Hopkins University and Indiana University.

To see the full announcement please visit the CTF’s website.

Our congratulations to the whole CTF team and the leaders of the trial on this wonderful news and great achievement!