Global Network of Neurofibromatosis Patient Organisations

NF Awareness

I can say Neurofibromatosis. Can you?

May is an important month for raising awareness of Neurofibromatosis, rare condition that affects 250 000 people in Europe. Our organization in collaboration with all NF organizations work together to spread awareness of this little known but devastating condition.

12 Countries
15 Organisations

Are coming together to raise awareness for NF

Join us in spreading awareness and making Neurofibromatosis Month a memorable one. Not sure how to get involved? It’s easy!

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a video saying “Neurofibromatosis. I can say it, can you? Because it’s hard to say, but even harder to live with.”
  2. Share it on social media with these hashtags: #ICanSayNeurofibromatosis #ICanSignNeurofibromatosis #NFPatientsUnited #NFAwareness
  3. Add our website and social media links in the description.
  4. Tag three friends in your post and encourage them to participate too!

Throughout May, we will be posting interesting and informative content about these conditions. Be sure to follow us in all social media to stay informed and help us make a difference in the lives of people affected by these conditions.

The NF awareness campaign 2023 is kindly supported by: