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NF Awareness

I can say Neurofibromatosis. Can you?

campaign I can say Neurofibromatosis

On 17th May it’s World Neurofibromatosis Day and we’re working together with all our local members organisations from NF Patients United to help raise awareness of this little known but devastating condition:

For that we need your help! Take a look at our video:

This is how you can get involved:

  1. Film yourself (holding your phone in landscape) saying
    ‘Neurofibromatosis. I can say it, can you? Because it’s hard to say, but harder to live with’.
  2. Share it on here with the hashtags #ICanSayNeurofibromatosis #NFPatientsUnited  #NFAwareness
  3. Share the links to our website and social media channels and copy and paste these links into the description of your video
  4. Tag three of your friends and encourage them to take part and say Neurofibromatosis. I can say it. Can you?