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Next edition of the NFPU Magazine

Dear NF-Community,

The NFPU Team is excited to announce that the next edition of the NFPU online magazine comes out soon. Have you subscribed already to the newsletter? You can register here:

This time, we talk about another NF1 symptom: skin tumours called cutaneous neurofibromas. There is an overview about new treatments that have been researched and again a Heroine of the Month who inspires us!

There is a Kids Corner for young children affected by NF, with a nice book from the Childhood Tumour Trust about a giraffe called “Patches”. The book is specifically for children and explains in simple words what Neurofibromatosis is.

Do you know anyone affected by cutaneous neurofibromas (cNF) or are you affected yourself? Then go read about it in our online magazine. The NFPU Team is looking forward to your subscription and your feedback!

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